Meet our Doctors

Mark Furshpan, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologistfurshpan
Dr. Furshpan received his Ph. D. at the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1986 and has been in private practice for over twenty years. Dr. Furshpan is the Director of Family Psychology of Long Island with a clinical interest in marriage counseling, mood and anxiety disorders and health psychology.



Nicholas Cavuoto, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologistcavuoto
Dr. Cavuoto, Psy.D. joined Family Psychology in 2006. He is a member of the DBT treatment team, and has conducted DBT with a variety of diverse populations over the years. His work on using DBT to treat partner-violent men was published in 2006. Dr. Cavuoto has also worked extensively with substance abusers and their families. He has previously run an intensive outpatient substance abuse program. Dr. Cavuoto also specializes in couples counseling and insight-oriented individual and group treatment.

Cara Riebe, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologistriebe
Dr. Riebe is a licensed psychologist who has been a therapist with Family Psychology of Long Island since 2004. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in the areas of cognitive-behavioral therapy and in treating mental health disturbances. Dr. Riebe is a Certified School Psychologist and has experience working within a variety of treatment settings for children and adolescents with emotional vulnerabilities. She is also experienced in treating the behaviors associated with borderline personality disorder using DBT.

David Pace, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Pace is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in mood-related disorders and the disruptive impact these difficulties can have on relationships. He has experiance providing treatment to individuals with thought disorders and those who have undergone traumatic events. In addition to providing individual and couples treatment, Dr. Pace leads the Anxiety and Depression Group Therapy Programs at Family Psychology. –

Maria Lombardo, Psy. D., Clinical Psychologistlombardo
Dr. Lombardo is a licensed psychologist who has worked in private practice since 2005. Her clinical interests involve disorders of childhood, trauma, and mood-related disorders. She is experienced in cognitive-behavioral therapy and treats children, adolescents and adults. Dr. Lombardo is a Certified School Psychologist and has experience treating preschool and elementary age issues including childhood anxiety, grief and depression, school avoidance/refusal, behavior disorders, family therapy, parent training and behavior modification. In addition to providing individual and family therapy, Dr. Lombardo leads Social Skills groups for children.

Kelly_MurphyKelly Murphy, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Murphy is a NYS licensed psychologist, a NYS Certified School Psychologist and is also currently employed at a Long Island school district.  Dr. Murphy has worked in private practice since 2004.  She provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to children, adolescents and adults experiencing anxiety, stress and depression.  Furthermore, Dr. Murphy has experience working with patients exhibiting school-refusal behaviors, behavior and mood disorders, ADHD, trauma and post-partum issues.  In addition, Dr. Murphy also provides parent training, family therapy and psycho-educational evaluation.

dobbinsBlanca Dobbins, Psy. D., Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Dobbins is a licensed psychologist who has worked in private practice since 2005.  She is a Certified School Psychologist and has experience working with children, adolescents and adults.  Dr. Dobbins is experienced in cognitive-behavioral therapy and treats childhood, adolescent and adult disorders that include but are not limited to anxiety, depression, ADHD and PTSD.  She can provide training in social skills, anger management, parenting and behavior modification.  Her clinical interests involve disorders of couples, marital and family therapy, grief counseling, women’s issues, as well as cultural and military issues.  Dr. Dobbins is a retired US Navy psychologist and is bilingual in Spanish.

mmamandaAmanda Salazar, Psy.D.
Dr. Salazar recently joined Family Psychology in 2017. She is a school psychologist and post doctoral fellow with a specialization in “Mindfulness.” Dr. Salazar is a qualified mindfulness teacher through the University of Massachusetts. She is a mom of three and understands both the triumphs and challenges of parenthood. She emphasizes that every mother and every child is unique, which makes each experience individualized. She runs mindfulness workshops for moms and children. Dr. Salazar will be offering a variety of other workshops under her new title of Mindfulness Program Director. Stay tuned for workshops focusing on anxiety/panic disorder, depression, disordered eating, and chronic pain. 


jeffrey_frohJeffrey Froh, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Froh, past associate editor of The Journal of Positive Psychology, is a leading researcher in the field of positive psychology, having published several books and numerous chapters and articles. He also frequently presents to local and national audiences about how to infuse life with not just less negativity—but with more positivity! He is a NYS licensed psychologist who has training in clinical and school psychology, and he is a full-time university professor who has worked with people ages 18 and older for 15 years. In addition to seeing young adults, Dr. Froh also sees their families when needed, and adults in general. Dr. Froh’s approach, known as positive clinical psychology, uses empirically supported strengths-based strategies that help young adults, their families, and parents not just survive—but thrive! When successful, people leave traditional therapy feeling less anxious, depressed, stressed, or angry. In short, they feel less “bad.” But positive clinical psychology, based on the science of positive psychology, emphasizes that just because we no longer experience negative emotions and behaviors does not mean that we are flourishing. Therefore, in addition to teaching people how to better cope with and manage their difficulties, using the principles of cognitive-behavior therapy, Dr. Froh teaches young adults, their families, and parents the necessary skills to experience lives filled with joy, gratitude, hope, love, and happiness.

davidcloseDr. David Close, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Close earned his Psy.D. at Long Island University, C.W.Post Campus, and has been a practicing Licensed Clinical Psychologist since 2000.  Dr. Close has extensive experience providing treatment for mood, anxiety and thought disorders.  He is also proficient in providing treatment to trauma survivors and individuals with personality and substance use disorders.  Additionally, Dr. Close is available to provide supervision for clinicians in need of this service as it relates to meeting their licensing requirements.